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Game-themed Accordion Card

It's another weekend and I am so happy to be back doing an original - from scratch - project. My BFF asked me to make her a unique letter base in which to package her palanca letter to her son. A palanca letter, as described by Quora, "gives support and guidance in the form of a prayer, sacrifice and honest communication." This type of letter is usually given to someone on a retreat, and makes the experience a wonderful and moving one.

Despite the seriousness of the letter, my friend wanted the theme to be something very close to her son's favorite pastimes - gaming! Using Nintendo Switch as inspiration, I created this accordion album, leaving space for short notes, or even origami pieces in which to put hidden messages.

Materials Used:

Foam tape squares

Double-sided adhesive tape runner

Black, white, green, gray, yellow cardstock

Images from Google for Nintendo Switch, Pokemon, Sonic Hedgehog, Minecraft and Super Mario Bros. elements

a colored printer

Silhouette Portrait die-cut machine

Silhouette Studio (Basic) features used:

-Print and Cut


Time to complete: 2 hours

Since I wasn't able to take step-by-step photos, I've added a clip of the finished product (without the actual letter written by my friend). Enjoy! ♥

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