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Weekend Quickies

This is a late post but what the hey, right? I was super busy last weekend but managed to squeeze in 2 card projects: 1 for my brother's birthday (hi Pat!) and another for stockpiling. 

The birthday card was just a simple layering of bits and pieces I had on-hand, like chipboard embellishments, inspirational stickers and cardstock over a white card base.

The other was meant to be a light-up card using a flat battery, LED bulb (the kind you find in Christmas lights) and some copper tape. By the time I was about to assemble the circuitry, I realized I had a blue LED instead of white or yellow- and that wouldn't do for the sun image in the project. I'll save that for another time. 

I ended up with an inspirational card using my Silhouette's sketch pen feature as well as print and cut. Alternating the clouds at different heights and orientations made it pop a bit, and foam tape is really my best friend here. The sun was cut out and layered underneath with a clear vellum (I used tracing paper). Then I just colored in with yellow marker. The sentiment was a free image downloaded from the image library of Silhouette Store.

Wish me luck as I tackle my light-up project. Hope to share that in the next few days. In the meantime, create like no one's judging ❤️

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