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New Project: Light-up Mermaid Box

Have you ever had that project you've been wanting to do forever but just couldn't get started? This light-up project was one such project for me - I've had the materials for the longest time but just couldn't begin! Finally, after ensuring that I had the correct materials, enough time and the right mindset, I sat down one crafternoon and spent time creating it. It's my first light-up box and there were many trials and wasted copper tape, but that's part of the process. Here's the project and how I did it. Enjoy! ♥


1/4" copper tape (purchased from

Blue LED light (taken from a non-working keyring flashlight)

CR2032 button cell (3V)

Cardstock, glitter and plain


Mermaid theme die-cuts (I made my own using Silhouette Portrait print & cut)

Lots of foam tape

Wink of Stella pens (clear, gold, silver)

As I wasn't able to take photos of each step, I've tried to recreate them with accompanying sketches below.


1. Sketch out the design - A sketch always makes your envisioned design tangible. Draw a rough outline of how you want the output to look like; let this be your mock-up.

2. Prepare your materials - The light-up box contains several elements that you will need to prepare ahead in order to save time. These are the card base where you'll put the circuitry for the light-up, vellum insert as a light diffuser, 2-3 layers of borders or scenery to give depth, the actual die-cuts to bring life to the design, a frame and other embellishments you want to use. 

3. Lay down the circuitry - You can view this helpful video from SparkFun Electronics to learn more about paper circuitry -

4. Assemble the pieces - Below is a layer by layer illustration of how you can assemble the light up box.

5. Finishing - Once you have the layers in place, you can start sticking the die-cuts in different points of the sand bar and frame. Remember, foam tape is your best friend here. You'll also want to ensure that the foam tape is evenly distributed on all layers so everything is at the same height (no dipping of paper in places where the foam tape is not placed). Be sure to wrap a border around the edges of the light-up box so the foam tape is not visible at the sides.

Here's the finished product, all lighted up! This is my first attempt, and it's not very cleanly done. But, it was immensely satisfying being able to complete this project. Now it's your turn to tell me if you've ever been stuck on a project and what you did to overcome the fear and just do it! Write or leave me a message below ♥

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